My thoughts about Artificial Intelligence

My thoughts about Artificial Intelligence

How did Artificial Intelligence change human life?

People said: “Soon, the machines that powered by Artifical Intelligence (AI) will rule the world.” Seem like an imaginary statement, but for me it is true. We are living in a giant skinner box which is the most advanced compulsion system invented by human. People are changed their beliefs by organizations in a very genius way. Instead of brutal policies that controlling people by punishment, the Walden Two system use a much better way to make people do exactly what organizations want without the whip but some forms of sugar coated candy. And that make people think that they are actually enjoying every moment of it.

But which is the best kind of candy that should be given for each person? The AI technology will give you the suitable answer. The problem here is AI systems are greedy systems. They need a lot of food to function properly. So what kind of food do they need? Simple, to give you the most suitable candy they should feed those systems with your personal data. But, how to collect people personal data? Organizations will ask you: “Hey what are you doing yesterday, last two days, last week, last year, etc?” Nope, they keep track of you everywhere and every time that you are on the internet. People are provided with “free in charge” but not free programs, influenced and turned into the products. The distance between the user and the program is so great that people do not even know what program is using for. You are even being tracked while using open source programs (Chromium allows sites secretly record audio/video and of course, those data appeared in big data breaches) There are many more evidences that you can find out on . Let ’s imagine that you are followed by a dozen of people every day and your personal daily life can be published globally!

Studying Artificial Intelligence

The tendency of modern scientific teaching is to neglect the great books, to lay far too much stress upon relatively unimportant modern work, and to present masses of detail of doubtful truth and questionable weight in such a way as to obscure principles. - Ronald Fisher

In 2016, you-know-who introduced a modern learning system called “Federated Learning”. The benefit of federated architecture is being as independent of a global authority as possible. You-know-who called their distributed system which aggregates data and controls the whole learning process by a central server (run proprietary source code) with the more privacy-friendly name “federated”, this system absolutely does not respect user’s privacy in any way. Many researchers are trying to build true federated and more over zero-trust systems that can help utilize people personal data without revealing them. However, with the power of you-know-who at this time, I do not think those works will receive attention. The genius Fisher, the giant shoulder of modern science knew it from 100 years ago.

Why would people study Artificial Intelligence? The best goal that you can achieve when studying AI is knowing better about those complex and devil systems, stay away and more over build your own zero-trust and federated platform. But you should be careful if you use AI, avoid being trapped in your own lifestyle bubble. In addition, choosing where, when and who will teach you is also important. There are many “so-called non-profit” organizations that provide artificial intelligence and machine learning courses that cost you one-year salary for only one course. Yeah you were not wrong, they are non-profit, some of them even sell translated books for AI future. They want to help people use “free in charge” program to draw their names on the World AI Map, working for a better world where everyone live happily and sell future to people before they know they are there themself.

Good news

Good news for privacy concern people that there are many open source federated and zero-trust systems exist at this time. It is really cheap and easy for you to host your own messaging and meeting server with secured communications between people by using Matrix protocol or XMPP. You can also host your own email service or send E2E emails with open source email clients. Even using public zero-trust federated instances is far better than you-know-who services. Own a land on the internet and start your own platform now!