Contact Information

If you know my website, you know my name. There is no more information about my personal credential you should know than that. If you have interesting things (opensource projects, etc) and you want to work with me, contact me via email:

All emails from me will be signed with my PGP key Please encrypt, sign, and attach your public key in your emails before sending to me! That is the right way people should communicating with each other via email : 5090 F537 CF37 B56B 60F1 610E C10A 27C3 46AB 8D9F

I often get sick and suffer from terrible headaches. Besides, I am a full-time employee. Don’t get offended if I do not reply your emails, may be I do not have time.


To be honest, I think that I know nothing about my personality. Even me can be surprised by myself occasionally. For a brief description: kind of a diehard and unpredictable person. Anyway:

I don’t speak, I operate a machine called language. It creaks and groans, but is mine own. - Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah


I do not have connections with any “journalists” as well as any “so-called non-profit organizations”. I do not offer or sell any “free in charge” services. Do not contact me for any boring things or ask me to share any kinds of products unless they are free and support for internet freedom.


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